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I’ve always been a scribbler – Playing around with words, tweeting deep lyrics of songs, publishing ardent personal messages (PM) on blackberry messenger (BBM), doodling casual sketches on my pad during meetings at work (very unprofessional, I know), composing heart-felt love notes in happy relationships and classy break-up messages in relationships that became a nightmare.

This has been me, doing what scribblers do best – letting my ideas lay waste on scrap sheets. But even a scribbler can decide to brace-up and go public! And I’m doing just that.

My name is Folabomi Odunsi, the last child, blessed with three (3) awesome siblings and the strongest mother in the entire world, I swear down – (sorry for swearing), but seriously she’s the strongest woman on earth, I swear! (uuhh, let’s just move on). My dad passed on when I was really little, God rest his soul.

I believe in God and my entire existence depends solely on Him and this has made my life a really exciting one, not void of struggles, but definitely full of victories.

I have a thing for Love. OK, let’s rephrase that.. I’m a sucker for Love. I’m music crazed and my Passion for Fashion (rhymes! -fans-self-) is deeply-rooted.

Now, this is why we are here. I desire to share my wandering thoughts and highly unique style with you and the entire universe (a lady has got to dream mehn). ‘Folabomi is a blog for people who have a passion for symphonies, deeply-rooted feelings, novelty and style.

I hope that together, we can key into the dream of keeping my style undiluted and transforming it into a worldwide statement worthy of reckoning.


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  1. Yasky says:

    “This has been me, doing what scribblers do best – letting my ideas lay waste on scrap sheets.”

    …very true; very very interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Folabomi says:

      ◕‿↼ 💋💋.


  2. Ojo Christy says:

    Folabomi is like that Chinese tree, or Fig tree, whichever you reckon with, that has spent enough time, getting nurtured and building roots.

    Right now is a success story of so many sleepless nights, toils,rumpled papers, frowns and a lot of “It will happen soon.”……
    The part where the leaves turn to a gigantic tree.
    Spread your branches all the way.
    There is room for excellence.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Folabomi says:

      Your prowess in writing is just amazing Christy! ♥‿♥ . Thanks babe.. more of God’s heights in everything you do!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Just passing by o. But all mind blowing! Will see you ‘my model’


    1. Folabomi says:

      AaHHH.. I await you. 😊 😇


  4. Olatanye says:

    I love….Your writing style has indeed won my admiration!


    1. Folabomi says:

      Ayyy! Thank you Olatanye..You’re far too kind . and your name has won my admiration too… 😂😂


  5. Anonymous says:

    U have always been amazing.. Keep up Sis.. God gat ur back..keep soaring


    1. Folabomi says:

      Thanks a thousand extra Tobiloluwa ♥. God bless you.. ☺


  6. You are always on point, Keep it rolling…More Grace Dear


    1. Folabomi says:

      Thanks dear. God bless you.


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