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Yasky is a writer of poetry born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He went through his primary and secondary schooling in Port Harcourt before moving to Toronto, Canada to get his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. Yasky currently works as a software engineer, but his poetry has augmented his work.

Around 2009, Yasky caught a whiff of the difference between the norm and the ideal. This made him begin to rant. This was his first introduction to the artistry in words. Thenceforward, Yasky began exploring different forms of writing: writing terse, writing beautifully. This is what makes Yasky stand out among contemporary poets of his time: that he can carry an idea through multiple forms of poetry.

“Verse is spiritual, but the spiritual is as physical as the physical is spiritual.” This is what Yasky tries to pass across in his poetry. Most people say Yasky writes confusing poetry, while they bob and sway to his rhythm and tone. After the poem becomes clear, which often happens, people question why Yasky had to make it so complex. During an interview Yasky explained, “When I get need to write, I talk to my muse. She would then consult the gods, and then she’d get back to me with thoughts. I would then use linguistic and entertainment techniques to craft the need into something that should get into the minds of others, and bring them to their muses in such a way that their muses take the messages back to the gods to verify. It is a spiritual something.”

Yasky made his debut presentation at the Abuja Literary Society (ALS) in November 2014; he had been a member for longer. ALS introduced his poetry to spoken-word poetry. Yasky still struggles with spoken-word poetry but, as our elders say, small small na’im dem dey carry catch monkey. Yasky has participated in two of Poetry Slams by ALS but is yet to win any.

Yasky is @yaasky on Twitter and @yaasky Instagram. On Instagram, Yasky is currently on a year-long monthly project called #YoungSeries. There are some other written works on these media. You can view them freely.

“Punctuality plus Consistency is the state of business”

Christy Ojo is a creative and lively person, very organized and has zero tolerance for lazy vibes. God lover, Food lover and has a soft spot for excellence.

Christy Ojo is @Ojo_omoshewa on Twitter, Christiana Ojo on Facebook and @christyojo on instagram.

Ope Tokun is a suave writer and an avid reader. He has a preference for poetry and bagging a degree in Civil Engineering has helped him build a strong rhetoric prowess.

Ope Tokun is @Opetokun on Twitter, Ope Tokun on Facebook and @Opetokun on Instagram.

Toluleye Odunsi, also known as Folabomi, is a blogger at twilight; style enthusiast at dawn, designer at post-dawn and freelance writer at dusk – sometimes vice-versa-vice-vice. In 2014, Toluleye became a content developer at Interra Networks, Abuja and a contributor on Grapevine Blog.

2015 ushered in the dawn of spice as Toluleye developed the Folabomi blog for Style, Novelty and Charm.

Also in 2015, she became an author and contributor on and has anchored a handful of interviews with Lagos bests.

Toluleye recently launched a Clothing Brand |Draped in Wealth| to bedeck all frame types, down here and yonder.

Toluleye is enchanted by beauty and is drawn to people and places. Her passion dwells in symphonies, deeply-rooted feelings and novelty.

Toluleye is @drapedinwealth on Twitter, Toluleye Odunsi on Facebook and @toluleye on Instagram.