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The Elmina Walk to FREEDOM

This is a very short story of how my being locked-up, in a small dark room, in a 500-year-old castle, far away in Cape Coast changed my narrative about Life. And maybe taught me a few things about Freedom.

These pictures were shot at the Elmina Castle, and no, it’s not your regular Glitz and Glam castle… No handsome Princes or Princesses, no banquet or missen Cinderella Glass slippers.  Lol. Not those Disney stuff. Zilch
This castle has had it’s fair share of life’s cruelties.
So, the initial purpose of the Elmina Castle was actually to give support to captains by providing their vessels with a secure harbor.
Hmmmm.. that’s how somehow, the Elmina castle suddenly  turned to a “slave factory”, where hundreds and hundreds  of slaves were traded, tortured and helplessly RAPED.
These slaves were shackled and crammed in the castle’s poorly ventilated dungeons, with no space to lie down and very little light. Kindly note that the dungeons were without water or sanitation, and the floor of the dungeons were littered with human waste that made many of the captives fall seriously ill. I mean, I walked through these walls over 100 years later and I could still feel the stench of death and pain.
The governor’s and officers’ quarters were located upstairs in the self-same castle but shockingly felt like a completely different world. Their chambers were extravagant, airy and very spacious, with beautiful parquet floors and breathtaking views of the blue waters of the Atlantic.
The Governors, Officers and traders went about their normal day-to-day life completely detached from the unfathomable human suffering and misery they were consciously inflicting.
During our tour, there was this point in which our tour guide told us to go into a small dark room in the dungeon. We obeyed and went in. Our tour guide closed the door of the room behind him, and we heard the cold click of the locks. The room went so dark you could almost touch it. We did not last 15 seconds before the goosebumps bursting out on our skin sent cold shivers running down our spines. The scream for FREEDOM had escaped my mouth before I even realized my mouth was open.
Only then, in that very brief moment we felt the tiniest bit of what the slaves must have gone through from the 17th century till 1957.
This is 2019, the Elmina Castle is no longer a slave port, it is no longer a place where the governor of the house can rape the helpless female slaves mercilessly.
The Elmina castle is now a tourist attraction for people like me who didn’t even realise the value of being truly Free, the power we posses by being uncaged and unshackled, the capability we hold to change the world through our passion, craft, thoughts, actions and skills, because, we are actually legitimately Free – to Do, to Create, to Live.
The Elmina Dress was obviously inspired by the Elmina Castle.
The Elmina Dress was carefully designed and tailored with only one aim – to give ease, class and comfort to it’s wearer – Ok 3 aims, but you get.
The Elmina Dress created by FOLABOMI is dedicated to Freedom, Empowerment and Living life knowing that we can give life our best shot.
May the souls of the departed rest in peace.
P.S: We were able to hear from a few people on what Freedom means to them. And we will like to hear from you too.
What does Freedom mean to you?

53 thoughts on “The Elmina Walk to FREEDOM

  1. Freedom means having a choice to do whatever I want, but choosing the right choices regardless of my freedom.. 🤔

    1. Rhulaniiiiiii ♡♡♡♡♡.
      Yes! I like how balanced this Definition of Freedom is.
      And I love youuu.

  2. Freedom is being able to act, think, do, say, create, recreate, effortlessly without being criticized.

  3. Freedom…..
    Can only be best appreciated when lost;
    The opportunity to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, even if resources outside your control may not afford you to do as much as you may desire;
    Yet Freedom, should be enjoyed, enjoyed with the thought of those that do not have it;
    But true freedom is doing that which God has purposed for you to do; then you need to know that purpose by first knowing Him that will reveal the purpose

  4. Freedom is being able to do what you want as you like in a way you desire at the time you desire it

  5. Freedom, to me….
    It means not being held or restrained by any form of religious, social or emotional beliefs or thoughts or any form of power before doing anything.
    It can also mean the ability to do things freely consciously without being controlled by any external power.
    Also, exercising your own form of liberation, living your life the way you want and being held responsible for any consequences or progress.

  6. This is art and truth all in one. Made a very interesting read. I enjoyed every bit of this. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Top Guyyyyyyyyy! 🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤ ah don billivit! Lmao … Living life yassssss!
      Thanks for sharing your thought man.

  7. Freedom to me is the state of being unconstrained. The ability to be at Liberty to do what I want, how I want it, and when I want it…
    This is a beautiful piece put together Toluleye and I’m soooooooo happy you’re at Liberty to do what you love and by so doing, you’re blessing someone like me with it… I covet your spirit and talent girrrllll.. ❤️💛
    God bless you abundantly and increase you on all sides 🙏.. Happiest birthday in advance too darling🤗🤗

    1. Baby girlllllllllllllll. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for being a gem. ❤❤❤❤❤ You’re one in a million.

  8. Folabomi!!!! You are one in a million of all my smart sharp cute charming brave personable sis, I respect, love and always look forward to your blogs, I won’t be surprised when you put all these together in a prose, trust me! I will read ’em all over again, freedom to me is to live a purpose driven life!

  9. Baby girl for life 💃💃💃💃💃 congratulations on this piece, congratulations on how far you have come and congratulations on the beautiful future God your maker had set before you. Love you sweetheart now and till aye 😘😘😘.
    Back to freedom. Freedom for me is never going back to a state of not having a voice, a choice or my space. Freedom for me is being able to live while others around me too live theirs their way. Freedom to me is being able to love even when it makes no rational sense. Freedom to me is about the tiny /little seemingly insignificant comforts of life. Freedom to me is being with the ones I love and having no guilty feeling about it. 👍🏻

  10. Like KingDOM is for the king to do his “fellas” so is FreeDOM to the free. Freedom is a state where ones body, soul & spirit are free from all sorts of shackles, limitations, and other mechanisms of bond. Freedom goes beyond physical as the scripture says “…the truth shall set you free.”

    The bitter truth of it is that FREEDOM is expensive but worth the price. It takes a free mind to make a sound, unbiased, and objective judgement that better makes the world.
    And my special prayer to my everlasting crush on her special day is that SHACKLES of any sort will lack their powers to hold you down. Enjoy God’s freedom now and ever little dove.

  11. Freedom to me is the right to act however you choose to. But it’s also more than that. It is securing equal opportunities for all to have life and purpose and pursuit of happiness irrespective of where they find their self.

  12. Freedom to me is choice, having the right and ability to make choices with consequences that we individually are responsible for. Happy birthday dear

    1. Freedom to make Choices and take responsibility of consequences. This is deep.
      Thank you for sharing and thank you for the birthday wishes, Victor.

  13. I really don’t want to visit that place, got scared and sad from just reading this….
    Freedom to me is being able to eat what I want to eat when I want to, laughing with ease and doing what I love to do without fear of being ridiculed.
    Happy Birthday Tolu, I love you🤗😘

    1. Ah and it’s a really oddly-beautiful place to visit ooo.

      You said Freedom is being able to do what you love without fear of ridicule. I really love this! And I really love you! Thank you my darling.

  14. Freedom is having all my senses alive, the ability to make things happen based on my choices. Having no constraints whatsoever. Going to the throne of mercy without having to kill rams and confessing to some human priests (no greater freedom than this).

    Happy birthday to you and to FOLABOMI brand. Greater feats to conquer this new year…

    1. Oh myyyyyy. Wow Ifeoluwa! Freedom is being able to approach the throne of mercy with an Express ticket. Aahhhhhh babe. That’s the actual Freedom!

      Thank you for taking out time to contribute and for the birthday wishes. Amen.

  15. Not to get religious… intentionally…but freedom is being able to live freely without the fear that there is a. God with a dagger over my head just waiting for me to do the wrong thing and then striking me dead.
    It’s also the ability to live without fear, doing whatever I please without being criticized and having the opportunity to do them.

  16. So proud of you baby girl. This is a wonderful write up..much love Darling!
    Freedom is to be free from any oppression.
    Freedom is liberty!!

  17. Feedom is to live
    Freedom is peace
    Freedom is limitless, living in our imagination beyond it reach.
    It doesn’t matter where one comes from neither does it depends on life circumstances but of a sound inner well-being.
    A stable mind is the key to freedom.
    Thank for this.

  18. After reading this, freedom to me is to be uncaged, unharmed, unlocked. Freedom is light. Freedom is peace. Freedom is Elmina. Beautiful story btw❤️

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