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Woo-Hoo❕See who was a peacock for a whole day..⬆

After rocking this outfit to church on Easter Sunday (Celebrating Christ’s death ‘and’ Resurrection?.. Don’t judge me ?), I became super interested in this breathtaking creature and did some googling on Peacocks. Words cannot express the intoxicating excitement that comes from discovery!
Realization dawned on me as I began to have a growing understanding explaining the alarming disparities between human beings when it comes to style, novelty and fashion!

100% of humans are humans (shocking fact! lol), 25% of the 100% are very indifferent about how they look or what they wear. The other 75% are fashion conscious and style inclined. And I’m as sure as there is a Heaven that you care about your appearance, you feel really good whenever you look good, it somehow gives your day a pleasant kick-start, right? You automatically fall in the 70% category, which undoubtedly makes you a Peacock.. Do you get the drift?
Oh gee, now you disagree?? C’mon….  I was hoping I wouldn’t need to do any convincing. sigh

I understand why most people would not welcome with open arms the idea of being likened to a peacock, basically because of their supposedly predominant characteristic – Pride. But trust me, you do not want to be human and not have a drop of pride in you. Call it self-esteem, tag it self-respect, whichever term you decide to use, it all still boils down to self-pride. Having established this, we can now proceed.
Human-Peacocks ‘mostly’ look like this (mostly) -> Coke-bottle shaped, attractive, pretty-faced ladies. And tall, lanky, broad-shouldered, coy-looking handsome gentlemen.

Asides their obsession with constant praise, admiration and 24/7/365 attention (a little exaggerated), they adore being the center of attraction.
A male peacock reveals his true colour mainly by his detailed dressing. He knows how to mix colours in a way that creates an harmonious effect as opposed to looking bland and boring and he sure knows when not to cross the line of colours leading to chaos. He has a defined style. And his choice of cars and gadgets? – All Sleekness! Fancy, trim, polished, luxurious!
A female peacock is a slayer ?! She’s a showstopper! She’s an Empress!  With an exquisite taste in the latest fashion trend, she’s an exhibitionist at heart, loving nothing more than experimenting with colours, fabrics, style and making fashion statements on a daily.

Thankfully, human-peacocks are not all vain as most people might possibly think. Because of their love for beauty, peacocks excel as designers, architects, decorators, cosmetologists, photographers, artists, fashion experts, style consultant, wardrobe advisers, to mention a few.
Peacocks possess a symbol of style, class and the beauty we all are most capable of achieving when we endeavor to fearlessly show the world our true colours.

This gorgeous Peacock outfit was designed by Gbemisola Akinrotimi, the CEO of St. Gloria’s. It was modeled by yours truly, Folabomi Odunsi. The skirt is most ‘peacocky’ in nature because of its elegance, its ball-like structure and most notably its splash of enchanting colours. The skirt was worn with a white crop-top for a more subtle effect.
I had the time of my life strutting around in this outfit. I got a gazillion compliments which I gladly basked in while it lasted! ? And if you’re waiting for me to wrap this up by stating that ‘I was as proud as a peacock’, I’m sorry but… ink’s finishe*** 🙂
Skirt: St. Gloria’s ¶ Top: St. Gloria’s ¶ Shoe: Mascotte ¶ Bag: Zammy Collection ¶ Wristwatch: Next
             ? Photography: Odunsi Tomisin & Odunsi Titilayo 🙂

59 thoughts on “Peacock-a-Day!

  1. Interesting blog post Folabomi! 🙂 Fascinating read and your skirt is beautiful. Folabomi de Fashionista.. :p Looking forward to more posts. x

  2. Diz is so intrestin…m thrown off balance..
    wow wow wow!!!never had an idea of dis before..
    T for Tolu..keep on d blast…

  3. Folanbomi, u r mouthed. Waow dis is God’s inspiration, it shall continue to grow bigger in Jesue name

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