Black is White; Scars are Beautiful

I think black is white, I think bitter is sweet and I think pain is pleasure.
I think war is peace, I think death is life, and I think scars are beautiful! 

Invisible in daylight, hidden from the world, buried beneath our superficial demeanor, concealed by beauteous smiles, revealing only our pearly whites! – Are our scars.

Veiled under cloaks, covered up in pretty dresses, tucked away in baggies, kept-hidden in hoodies, masked behind dark metallic sunshades – Are our scars.

Your scars, my scars – are symbols of the hurt we once bore. Scars that itch and burn in our lowest states, causing a gush of agonizing pangs and painful reminders!

Blackmail! Sexual Abuse! Violent-Marital Relationships! Retrenchment! Verbal Abuse! Emotional Abuse! Demotions! Rustications! Abortions! Rejections! Betrayals!

Clearly, our scars are intense stories of pain, grief, agony, truth and triumph. Our scars are just like tattoos but with deeper significances and better stories.

So this will be our little agreement:

We will all say our scars are beautiful, because… come to think of it, a scar does not form on the dead; a scar means you battled and you survived!

Psychological, emotional, physical scars -whatever its nature, our scars entail that the cut is closed, the wound is healed, the hurt is over, the pain is gone and you the survivor still lives!

This here, is what makes our scars beautiful.

Photography: xtreme24photography
Outfit: A white crop top & a High-waisted check-skirt; complimented with dark shades and a pair of red Kelsh Dagger shoes (not captured here, sorry) 🙂

44 thoughts on “Black is White; Scars are Beautiful

  1. You nailed it sis, I’m proud of you. Beautiful piece, beautiful write up, beautiful use of English, you’re always repping. Coming for the shades tho, need it to hide my scar *lol*.. The sky definitely is not ur limit. Much love ?

  2. This is really a wonderful write-up…I’m waiting to hear the inspiration behind the story sha (that you’ll tell me private *wink*)…newais….I’m looking forward to more of this….keep up the good work#thumbsup

  3. I even can’t take the credit alone without crediting my… BROTHER, My FRIEND… My Family.. for making the photo session a reality . #EKINS. , a Photo junkie like me… you can follow him on Instagram: @iamekins

  4. its so so sweet to know…cos u jes did not only write buh dose ar words of reality… angelic . T.
    u’ve gat it..spring up!!!..misd u plnty..

  5. I honestly disliked the blog post when I saw the Blog Title because I believed that such a title should not be wasted but I got to give it to her she did a good piece and the post deserved the title.

    1. Wow… Thank youu. I appreciate your sincerity. I’m super glad I ‘disappointed’ you ?.
      Yes, it’s a deep title. I’m glad you enjoyed it. ☺

  6. “…a gush of agonizing pangs…”
    …and the beautiful thing is you’re not aware of the music you create with your analogies. And to think that the canvas on which you paint this music is Melancholy.

  7. Inspiration is an ‘absolute’ from this write-up. What more???……. A big food for thought and wake up call unto the actually realities of life. A clear view of your mind. I’m in love!

  8. Scars are evidence of yesterday’s battle and yea we won thats why we can share the story…I love the way you communicate deep issues of the heart.

  9. Whao! Now I don’t need to be shy or feel intimidated because of the scars on my “invisible” dermis. Thanks Tolu. You just made me realised that I am a champion because I survived it.
    The piece is highly inspirational.

  10. Our scars should be something that we should be proud of. It shows we survived and we are stronger than we look. Nice write up.

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