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When a gentleman “dons” his hat to exit a gathering or “tips” his hat when meeting a lady, or “doffs” his hat to “say” – hello, thank you, my pleasure, excuse me, goodbye, or you’re welcome – I think it really is a noble and charming gesture! Yeah, right now you may be going all “blah blah… this is Africa, we don’t do no tipping nor donning nor duffing or all those ‘serenren’” but regardless of what continent fate tossed you into, you will agree with me that hats add a significant touch of class to your style when rightly worn.

A woman’s place in public is to walk into an assemblage looking terrifically suave, sit with majestic grandeur, say little, radiate warmth, exude uttermost confidence, shoulders straightened, heads held high and yes, hats in place.

Cloaked in African print gowns, dashikis, polo, jeans, slim-fitted suits, flowery or plain dresses, Niger-Delta native wears, or even loosely-worn pinafores – adding a hat transforms your every look! From fedora to panamas to bowlers; from straw hats to beanies to cowboy hats; my newest obsession is proving to be more than just a covering. How a hat makes you feel is actually what the hat is all about.
The Hat is a Free-flyer, blustering with the moisture-laden south westerlies, blowing in from the Ocean.
The Hat is a Protector, keeping sunlight, drizzles and falling rocks off the crown of your head, weathering all storms.
The Hat is an Edifier, gently highlighting the subdued colours, bedazzling it with an uncommon spice of elegance.
The Hat is a Concealer, perfectly solving a bad hair day situation, your pride and chicness undaunted.
The Hat is a Disguiser, conveniently aiding invisibility, offering the chance to waltz through a crowd almost unnoticed.
The Hat is a Transformer, effortlessly modifying a bland outfit, transfiguring it into a runway apparel.
Etiquette and formality however play their part in hat wearing.
Gentlemen – Hats can be left on when outdoors, at athletic events, on public transportation, in post offices, airports, hotels or office lobbies and on elevators.
Men take hats off in someone’s home, at mealtimes, while being introduced, in a house of worship, when in an elevator with a lady, indoors at work, at eateries and at the movies. Men remove hats during the national anthem and place it over their heart – I don’t know the patriotism this portrays but, oh well.. it sounds like dramatic stuff.
Ladies – Fashion hats can be left on at luncheons, at weddings, in someone’s home, in churches and mosques, at the movies and when the national anthem is being played.
Women take your fashion hats off indoors at work and anytime it’s obstructing someone’s view, such as at a wedding or in a theater.
You might be wondering why the rules differ for men and women especially in this era of a widely promoted gender equality. Men, however, can easily and swiftly remove their hats as opposed to women who wear more complicated hats adorned with “orisirisi” like bows, ribbons, beads, trimmings and flowers. There is also a possibility of women messing up their hair if hats are removed and replaced too often.
Hats are not made for a selected sphere of the world or for some distinguished individuals, no, hats are for anyone who dares to make a fashion statement. Top off your favourite look with a smashing hat today!
?: Ekins Concept
?Dress: St. Gloria’s
? Hat: Siano
? Shoes: Atmosphere

A warm and heartfelt thanks to all of my readers, you sincerely are my inspiration. Happy New Month! Its my birth month, you know? Join me in counting down to the 12th of June, 2015!!!

41 thoughts on “Hats On!

  1. Yes, it’s her BIRTHDAY month, Yippee! A brilliant piece, girl! Please keep up the good work. Happy birthday in advance.

  2. I’m so getting a hat to ‘knock up’ on my suit to work next w……oh, forgotten men can’t wear hats at work. I guess I’ll just have to adorn it with my pajamas when going to bed. All these rules sef…

    1. This is what happens when you have a Clown for a brother ??.. Me lemme not see you tip your hat when next you see me. You that you like face caps.. You can like to upgrade to a Fedora

  3. So I learnt something new today: Hats off for every lady i meet in the elevator. Kudos kid sister and I just hope you didn’t have to go running after that hat at any point in time.

    1. Haahaaa! I didn’t .. A lady doesn’t run after stuff, ya knowwww.. Lol. You do not even wonder how I climbed that rock with heels.. abi its cause it does not look really high in the picture..

  4. really exicting to see diffrnt rules…hats!!! i jes put on a cowboy hat on to class..wud it b really wierd or stylish…..hahahahahaha….jes my thought**

  5. I previously considered hats on lady as backwards fashion; but after seeing this, i won’t mind my babe rocking this kind.
    Ill just stare and admire her all day long…
    Tolu well done. You Got ma attention for real.

  6. Go girl!!!.. lovely piece.. I’m duffing my hat for you right here n now ??. And i’m thinking if i can put my hat on to CDs tumao or what do u think??. Its gonna be stylish ryt??.. HBD in advance sis?

    1. Thanks hunnay! It depends on what kind of hat ooo.. If its that one you and I know is crested with NYSC logo.. Absolutely!!! If its another one you’re talking about… eehnn.. then this question is not for me.. because I don’t know when I turn to your CDS coordinator.

  7. I think these has just widened my sphere influx on hat,I’d remember to duff my hat when next I’m in church.

  8. Wow Toluleye, what a brilliant piece ! Didn’t know you have mastery of words like this . How does that add up with Economics ?. Am so getting a hat this summer !! Ha ha

    1. Hahahaahaa! Economics bah.. Ehn we are baddass like that you, in particular, are a proof of that.. Please do get a hat. Twill be most appropriate in summer for you guys over there!

  9. Hey!..Finally walked into your blog..?..And I must say I’m highly impressed with what you’ve done so far..Keep up the great work!

  10. What I call this is perfection,written piece to engulf the mind and explore things in a different dimension. I personally is a man of fashion but when it comes in a unique style then I get carried away. Nice job sis. Thumbs up Tolu. Really proud. Not everyone can maintain a blog like this. All the best. Your own boy ORE

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