#MCM 01

Ladies, you know that unusual moment when an unusual man gets back from work completely unruffled, tie in place, shirt as crisp, shoes still shiny, swag unhampered, yeah?
Now that’s Frank!  That’s Frank everyday ?!
I’m usually impressed by men that stand out in style, in a subtle and yet fierce kind of way and today’s #MCM does just that. He is a professional and creative stylist; he is the CEO of FenShop. I have so much respect for people who take fashion to a professional level. It entails focus, determination, lots and lots of work.
Not meaning to sound all cliche-ish or mushy here but Frank is a model with a super classic and athletic body, a crystallized and fine-tuned tone, scarlet lips, white eyeballs, jet black hair… but what really makes Frank likable is his personality. He’s not pretentious, super laid back, quite playful and very polite.
He is that kind of ‘knight-in-shinning-armour’ that rescues a distressed-damsel from the pouring rain, just that instead of a sword its an umbrella in his hand, and yes, I’m talking from experience! He’s that kind of man-crush that squats to fix your loose shoe laces (talking from experience still). These are highly unfiltered qualities, you know.
Frank is just so well put together, from his style down to his manners. Oh and did I mention that his Instagram handles are @Phrank_90 & @thefenshop . He’s very stalkable. You’re welcome ? .
Frank was styled by Ryan and Russell in the pictures featured here, a super-hot fashion house in the Federal Capital Territory. Ryan and Russell is pitched at Lamonde Complex, Beside Grand Square, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria. Telephone: 07057906606
IMG_20150608_163922[1] IMG_20150608_163814[1]
Man-Crush-Monday #MCM posts will be coming up from time to time. Its easy to get eligible for featuring. Simply send in your profile to [email protected] and do not forget to attach high definition images. Terms and conditions apply. For advertisement and for further enquiries contact us via mail or call 07038569531.
?: Ekins Concept and Xtreme24photography

22 thoughts on “#MCM 01

    1. Priceless…Mr frank; a brother and a friend! …an Angel is disguise, he’s actually from planet Jupiter. Oh you don’t know yet? SMH4U

  1. Wanna nominate #”tomisin *O* guess he is someone’s crush.(i.e. If I can nominate?????????????)

  2. Frankly speaking, Frank is impressive. You indeed not make an overstatement. It’s visible to the blind I.e crystal clear. Thumbs up!

  3. #Mcm… Hmmm… I like the fact, he’s very stalkable… Lol ??
    Buh really, it’s always nice to see a guy with an awesome sense of fashion…
    *running off to instagram

  4. Frank must be such an inspirational person….
    Wonder how much work he had to put in to be this good; any way yall both ( frank and folabomi ) should keep up the good work.

  5. Yea…. @folabomi, just doing what I love to do, and FRANKLY SPEAKING you know I can take photo shoot all day long… so pls don’t forget to call me for your prewedding photo shoot… when it come to photography FRANKLY SPEAKING… this is just a starting point… More shoot to come..

  6. Another wow piece. I love the concept. I hope to be the model someday, for the class of 30plus. Good work ‘Yeye’.

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