It’s Secret; Don’t Dare Share!

Tender Kisses. Lunches. Fat Tips. Car seats. Tweets. Projects. Office spaces. Cocktails. Undergarments. Family photos. Birthday cakes, are a few things we share daily. But, after many years of slicing, rationing and paradigm shares, we have come to the conclusion that there are some unwritten sacred secrets you must NOT share.
#1. Conflicts in your Relationship. It’s honestly nobody’s business but yours! People are merely curious, not caring; you really should stop whimpering to them about the clouds and heavy skies hovering over your relationship. Keep them guessing what’s behind the doors of  your home— the host of passion, secrets, heartbreaks, laughter, mysteries and victories.
#2. Generous Deeds and Heroism. You are NOT a Hero if … you do good with the hope of recognition. You are really NOT generous if you see the need to relay bits, pieces and chunks of your kind deeds to a fifth, ninth party. It’s not for you to decide whether your open-handedness is worthy of a hat-tip — therein lies true heroism.
#3. The Secrets of your Lifestyle. There are some bells that can’t be rung out loud. More often than not, we do things that interest us but might not necessarily define us. Other people won’t always see the distinction.. The proclamation of your addictions and weaknesses should be saved for job interviews (and even then, it is censored).
#4. Your Income: This one here is almost a no-brainer.

Asides your immediate family members, really close friends, and Bae, the confidential nature of your salary, in fact, can be of greater benefit to you.

#5. Other People’s Secret: Someone else’s secret is something you could by all means take to your dying day.

If a friend trusts you enough to confide in you, it’s best to keep your lips sealed, unless it’s life threatening (which, of course, is relative).
After reading my list of secrecy, can anyone raise a guilty hand to spilling the beans and blabbing just a little?
… I have one hand up too…
I guess we learn everyday; we will not beat ourselves up, we shall let by-gones go…and we shall swear that our subsequent conversations shall be adorned with dignity and maturity.
 Add to my short list of secrecy… What is that one secret that you can never share with anyone?

11 thoughts on “It’s Secret; Don’t Dare Share!

  1. Secrets, I like them and then I don’t, just a big burden to carry around. Good write up Folabomi and crew!

    1. Well, honestly I think it becomes a burden only if you make it one .. its just knowing something you can’t share.. (okay.. thinking about it again.. that’s some hard stuff)

  2. “,,, Add to my short list of secrecy… What is that one secret that you can never share with anyone?”
    But aunty Folabomi nd crew, u people use style to like gossip o….imagine! All dis elaborate use of words, nd beautiful writing flow just to make me spill my secret…..if I hear!!!
    U dinnor even ask for just any secret, it’s now that one I cannot share with anyone….haba!!! God is watching u people in 4D o. Ehen.

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