Necessary Evils

There are certain things that should not be too far from you, Lady; yes you, Miss 21st Century ?.
Well, this could be just my observation, but I’m yet to come across any lady that doesn’t possess at least 5 out of these necessary evils. It’s as though we unconsciously just need them, they are multi-purpose and tremendously important, and for the most part save us a world of stress.
They are Basic and Necessary.
Maybe taken a little to the extreme for some, still they are things we just must have.

Draped in wealth
Get Draped!

That Angel that turns every boring situation around; let’s call it a “cheat dress”, because it brings out a certain Glam in every outfit it’s paired with. It is a wonderful staple.
There is NO wrong way to wear it, as it is very versatile.
The professionalism it exudes makes it a safe get-away for anyone. Take it from me; you can never go wrong with a blazer.
Even the most anti-fashion individual has this dress item.
It is one word – Indispensable. Could be straight cut, faded, ripped, however suits your cause; jean is and will forever be Jeans.
I know what you’re thinking…., same here; it’s an All- rounder…
Be it a white T-shirt, a Vintage soft tees or a buttoned-down office shirt. The white shirt is famous for its legendary multi-function, giving-off a professional, fun, relaxed, and semi-formal look, at any point in time.
That timeless piece, an essential that is Over- essential, has become such a grave part of our look that we literally feel incomplete without that weightless chunk sitting below the ankle bone of our wrist, (Any witness in the house ?). Could be loose or perfect fit, a wristwatch is that jewelry you don’t want to do without. ?
Fashion, Sunglasses

Now Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but shades are definitely a girl’s life saver.
Experiencing  a bad day?or simply going for the killer look? your wing-man has got your back, giving you that “Queen Elizabeth stare” that goes all the way high up. We are talking Chic, Fashionable, and Dominance.
I call it investment because it’s that item that will cost a fortune but will be worth every penny. That YSL Sac de Jour that’s been staring you down, or the glittering allure of that Deola Sagoe dress.
Ohh My!!!….. the drooling effect is reason enough.
Se finit.
Now you get,
You know that piece I am referring to; the one that puts your Ego on overdrive, a garment whose price is at par with the cost of living in some urban areas.
Just smile and invest in that rip-off.
To be on the safe side, it’s good to play the nude rule with whatever item you’re going for, so you can “display its glory” for the world to see at every given opportunity.
Heels, flats, sandals, flip-flops, platforms, boots, gladiators, are beauties that adorn the feet; simple yet classy.
They take your outfit to a whole new world.
Talk about BFFs till the end.
Shall I forget my black dress that is the center of unity for every gathering?
A dress that allows for any color to be paired with it in terms of accessory; it is highly multi-functional and just right for any occasion.

For some, it’s powder and lip gloss or balm, and some others it has to be “House of Tara” itself.
It’s simple, straightforward and necessary.
For ladies with a lot of “essentials” a lady’s bag is her safe haven, you can find anything in there.
It is the home of all her back up materials, more like a tush dustbin and yes, it always comes through no matter what.
Now wouldn’t we love to make that classic piece worth every penny for hiding our hideous secrets and luggage?
It is another harmless piece that says “sophisticated”at a glance.
Paired with the right outfit, it’s a stunner.
Cotton cloth, facial wipes, Paloma, soft box something….,  it’s a soft cloth that takes away the pressure of the world off your face, I mean, imagine yourself without a handkerchief in the beautiful sunny streets of Lagos, let’s not go there.

Before I go on, I’d like to ask, “What are we writing sef?” – Alright, I know, it does come in handy,
Can I have your address, so….
Ohh, my phone battery is dead, but you could write….
And for some of us that get unprecedented manna from heaven.
Yep, it’s necessary.
Which brings me to;
Someone once asked me if I can go a day without my phone, I tried convincing myself, but I fell flat on my face as I realized I couldn’t.
Truth is your phone is fast becoming a mini world, not to mention the various applications on it that make living more cushioned.
Now, this power engine will be as good as a hands-free mirror once the battery hits kill.
Which is where the power bank comes in,
Guess you figured already, No power bank, No phone.
It’s not wrong to have them all because they are things that make living 20% “a walk in the park”.
I know you can testify to that too.
So, this is where we need your help,let us know if we missed out on any other essential item.
Feel free to add yours to the comment section. winks

5 thoughts on “Necessary Evils

  1. This is Amazing Tolu?, I Read every Bit of it. Thump up And Keep up the Creativity. BLESSED?

  2. nao U’re making me to feel ungirly cos i don’t even own most of dese things lol. i just got my first blazer recently, weird ryt? lol i dress casually most of d tym nd i only got dat for work, yes to jeans, no i hate white shirts I think it’s boring lol, i just took an interest to wristwatches recently, yes to sunshades, an investment item oh well I don’t v one yet, LBD yes, yes to shoes nd d bag, notepad i rarely carry one, hanky yes, scarves yes oh i think i own most actually lol, great post dear

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