Royal Blood

Not different by color
Not by birth
It’s more in learning to walk the tightropes and expunging fear
It’s getting untangled from ordinariness
I am of the blood royal, and the saying is true that — good blood don’t lie.
So do you have Royal Blood? Your last name may tell you.Folabomi |Draped-in-wealth|
Not different by chromosomes
Not by conquests
It’s all dependent on humans — mortals who have real feeling and a ravishing soul,
It’s sacrifice, for the love you love the most.
Good blood don’t lie
So do you have Royal Blood? Your unmasked persona may tell you.
Folabomi |Draped-in-wealth|
Not different by fame
Not by status
It’s splendour restlessly tapping to be unveiled
Your diffuse reflections from those rough surfaces — flickering to light up the world
‘Cause; good blood don’t lie
So do you have Royal Blood? Your Clothing collection may tell you.
Model: Anita
Designed & Styled by: Folabomi
Blouse ?Folabomi |Draped-in-Wealth|
MUA: Asafrik Beauty
Photography ?Picture Perfect

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