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Behind The Lens

The Fashion show that had generated so much rave finally began and I was there to cheer-on my designer girlfriend, Ronnie Adeniji.
The backdrop, although wide, was inconveniently full of beauties pacing to and fro.
The situation was not helped by late models that showed up at the last minute making designers, make-up artists and brand assistants enter major panic mode. Orders were called out to participants, young women and ladies, who, saddled with various spelled-out tasks and responsibilities, display game-on faces. It was pure chaos.
Nonetheless among the surging hurdle was an amazing mixture of clothing in different shapes, structures and divergent colours, which if nothing else, served to emphasize the spectacular taste and ideas of the host of creatives in our country ☺.
My curiosity was stirred when my eye fell on a slender figure striking a pose behind the filmy lens of a brand just next to us. My gaze lingered on for a fleeting second taking in her fine features, penciled eyebrows and fully mated lips. She looked just like every regular woman in the focus of the camera and I was about shifting my gaze onward when the camera went off her —
oh! she was so much more.
I stood there transfixed, starring at a complete nano-second transformation. She was a bubbly, beautiful, string bean in her twenties who was clearly an adventurous soul, however, somewhat tamed.
In just the few seconds the lens went off her, a small crowd had taken its form around her.I could not ignore the intense confidence and grace she exuded with every effortless twist and turn made as she conversed with other models. I watched tense shoulders relax as they seemed to de-stress from her humour and poise.
I almost laughed at myself. A few seconds ago, she had been just the regular human — through the lens.
This was one day that jolly walked me into the new year. A young stranger had me recognize the heap of possible potentials that are embodied behind every capture.
You mostly overlook the fact that you have resources and obvious potentials to be the source of comfort, the stream of energy and the mechanism of support to so many people around you.
But just as 2017 takes on it’s second gear, you will henceforth not let your life be limited to what is represented in a capture but you will be so much bigger and better behind the lens.

Model: Anita Nwosu

Photography: The Picture Perfect

Dear Drapers,
Happy new year, happy new month, and thank you for making 2016 worthwhile. I love you all and I wish for you a spectacular 2017 with grand achievements.
♥, Folabomi


4 thoughts on “Behind The Lens

  1. But just as 2017 takes on it’s second gear, you will henceforth not let your life be limited to what is represented in a capture but you will be so much more bigger and better behind the lens.
    Oshey literature meets prayer ??. Amen to this.

  2. There is beauty all around us… it takes a keen eyes to recognize it.. thanks for sharing this optical style of writing

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