Valentine’s Day 2017

Yasss!! Another valentines day is here!!!! And I’ve been surprisingly infected by the excitement (I can’t tell why) .☺.☺. .
Here’s the thing.. me I don’t feel you have to have a Boo to be upbeat for valentines’ day, right? right?! ☺ … ahmean, its only the 14th day in the second month of the year.. dassal! Not like I’m a beefer of the celebration of love or anything o, I even strongly believe that I’m sometimes a ‘helpless, hopeless, that’s how you make me feel ♫‘ kind of girl.
In short, to prove this point, Folabomi clearly declares an offering of a yummy (oh so sumptuous) 20% discount off all orders placed on every piece of FOLABOMI clothing on February 14th (yessss!! Huuuuge stuff, yesss! ); but that’s not all; inclusive of this massive ❤ coming your way, here’s a few situations to be mindful of this year’s valentines day..
#1 First things first, Don’t Form “I can’t be bothered” if you actually will be bothered.
So Kanipe you just experienced a break-up and you are a very emotional purzon and you now think that the best time to take that casual leave and go out to chill is the period around the 14th?? lmaooo!! are you a joker  ??
— please,  just carry your kaya and go to work, ehn or possibly a business trip or lectures, anything but placing yourself in a situation to wallow in alone-ness.. the long and short is, get engaged in something productive that will help keep your mind in the state we want it.
#2 Don’t Get it Twisted, even Nigerian Pampers is ‘Cost’.
Maybe, just maybe being single this season is a blessing in disguise. See nauw, we all know that the economy is currently in a very critical condition, you now want to add having a baby to your bukata? I must say you have the heart of a lion  ☺ #WehdonMa

I even hear that Jumia is helping out with 50% discount on all hotels! Ooshey.. helpers of the helpless ?. But just before you run off to google this offer, weigh the discount to the cost of raising a mini-you. Except you are married sha, then … what are you still waiting for? Alele!

#3 Did I say ‘Go to Work’ Earlier? Scratch that please… Ko le Werk!
Chill, there’s a story attached to this resolve. On the 14th of February last year, I found myself walking through Commercial Avenue holding flowers… only that, the flowers were not sent to me.
So considering that I’m single and all, you might be wondering what I was doing with a bouquet of flowers on valentines day, abi? Well, I shall answer that. — No, it wasn’t from a secret admirer nor was it from a toaster. No, I did not buy myself flowers.. and No, I’m not that self involved.
My boyfriend and I had just broken up and the single-hood plan was to go to work, and get on with the life, uno. This would have worked anyways, if only my boss had stayed in his lane and hadn’t sent me to hand-deliver a huge 55,000 Naira bouquet to his Unilag girlfriend.
Ahn ahn wait, you’ve not even heard the worst part. I had to walk through a very rowdy street in Sabo as strangers stopped me to admire the flowers and say things like, ‘aawwhh.. He must love you a lot’, kai.
#4 Because 14th February 2017 Falls on #TransformationTuesday
Now join me in putting your feet on the ground and shouting ‘yes’ if you agree.
“Do you want to let love in?”
“Do you deserve love?”
Well, guess what? You have to find peace with yourself first.
Love yourself every single day and the 14th of February will not have the power to make you feel less loved.
Come to think of it gan, without valentines day, February would be .. you know.. just January; well, okay with 3 days off.. but yeah, you get the drift.
Sha sha.. on to a Disclaimed Level: 
Dear Future husband, please do not read this post. But just incase you do, kindly realize that I was only joking. Private trips, flowers, dinner and everything mushy must be involved. Thank you for understanding when someone is only playing with you. – Your smiling future wife,  Toluleye ☺.
and Dear Male Readers, please note that I shall not be held responsible for any resulting chaos that ensues from you agreeing with me and thus thinking that February 14th is just a normal day. Not every woman holds this opinion o. Spoil that special woman in your life to stupor, not just today, but everyday. – Regards, Folabomi.
Muse: Chioma & Toluleye
Skirt and Top: Folabomi |Draped-in-Wealth|
Base Ball Cap: Koded Signature
Photography : V O Photography

35 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2017

  1. If I tell you my story about last year’s valentine day you would pity my poor soul. Carried myself from Lagos to Asaba, forgot gift and the rest is story for the gods. Fast forward one year and I have not bought anything yet. In big soup right? Your post is very lovely ma’am, plenty inspirations from above IJN.

    1. Plus, I don’t think you are in any sort of soup.. I think he’ll understand and I think you can improvise and throw something fantastic together.. Hehehe.. Best wishes ☺☺.. hope it goes well ♡♡♡

  2. Fola????? i enjoyed reading dis post. I thinj we overhype dis val thingy, if it was an holiday nao I’d understand but it isn’t so pls evrybody shud go about doing dier usual bizness nd if boo decides to do sumfin special, fyn.

  3. I have laughed and laughed. Folabomi sent me cupcakes last Valentine and oh I did feel special. I am hoping for a Folabomi wardrobe this year, I know I am in for a Surprise ?. Good work sis!

  4. As usual, am mesmerized by ur writings ..hilarious!!! to me Feb 14 is like every other day though….bit me am sha expecting vals gift o….. Lol

  5. well,as for me…..Feb 14th is just lyk every oda day…..but LOVE……it must b shown to dat special person everyday… d write up Toluleye. smiles#queenette.

    1. Awh mummy. . This is such a beautiful comment ??. My grammarian mama ??. I love you with all of my heart . ❤. God bless you for your priceless efforts on us.

  6. Lovely post as always. My personal opinion about Vals is that it’s one of those things we just carried from the Whites without logically analyzing the purpose(but I do celebrate it, if you can’t beat them, you join them and a grump GF is an angry GF 🙂 ).
    No be only pampers don increase oh, SMA Gold, Cerelac, Wipes and toys are expensive!!!, I definitely won’t want a mini-me anytime soon. It just occured to me that most November babies may be a result of February 14th knacks. They should tell their parents #Weihdone Ma and #Weihdone Sir tonight.
    This was a great read Toluleye.

    1. So I’m reeling with laughter reading this comment ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. I did not want to over-flog the matter, hence why I left it at just Pampers.. Goodness Gracious your thought is hilarious… thank you for sharing.. All the love today and always ❤

  7. I spent last year val in an alone+ness mood. But this year, I don’t care about people’s perception about the festive.
    All I care is to feel good and your post just did that
    Thumbs up. Happy Valentine day to you too.

  8. Wawu!.what an interesting read!…lol at the disclaimer too….am sure your future husband won’t understand lol…as for your story?..Das graet!.darris gud for you!. If you don’t mind you can Epp me toe dilifer bucket toe my beloved too…she stay in the other saed of town along dah badagry haxis!….but really tho I enjoyed reading this…never knew you were almost as good as myself in writing lol…you wanna find out?..ask for link and it sha be gifen toe you…cheers!!

    1. Lmaoooo!! You pipu shuu stopeeeettt.. I’m tickled bad!! ????? Goodnesss gracious.. I’m having a good laugh here.. Ah thank you for being so modest Ikeolu -wa.. only you award winning Writer ??.. pliz look for your dilifry girl in front.

  9. Lol, this post made me “whoa” out loud n got my husband asking, are u okay? Lol.. interesting sturv.
    Last year’s val got me all… “I have to be with my b.f” sturv. Travelled all the way to ilorin, after bullying my dad into giving me the permission to travel. Lol. My first val with any my first val with my b.f who ended up being my husband. No regrets. God knows I can’t put all that effort into smfn that won’t be worthwhile… Hehehehe.. V not being the one to get excited abt valentines, not even ryt now that am hanging out with my husband. It’s just a normal hangout on a normal Tuesday. But it’s our month and his birth month, soo… all join. Nice post toluleye. Plus I hav a friend who is val-crazy. Hehehehe… that ones talk is nuh today.

    1. Ronke oo !!! Hahahaha ?..???.. Absolutely! All the effort has to count for something ??. Aaawwwhh… You’re so val-ed! February was made for you from heaven. ❤ ?? Thank you shugar. And lemme officially congratulate you on my blog… Congratulations my darling ! The hottest Mrs in town. Now please you can like to go back to honey mooning ?? ???. Love you extra large.

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