June the 12th!

Because today, I feel like Royalty    (Scratch that!)         … Because every June 12, I am Royalty!

June 12 has always, always, always been the most eventful day of my life. I mean, it is that one day I work as a full-time Call Center Agent! Hahaa.. Only that the Calls are not enquiries about some products or services.. They are solely about ME!!
Aaahh.. My jaw hurts from so much grinning and the ratings of my screen-time has skyrocketed to 99.9% today!
Mahn! I have such awesome people in my +1 life! I’m pretty amazed at how much love is embedded in everyone of you. I am mesmerized by the intense cares tossed at me today. My heart is bursting with love. Woah… Cardiac arrest!! 
In all sincerity, You have such beautiful souls; and I couldn’t be more grateful to God for blessing me with the best set of human beings on this planet!
Thank you for making me feel like Royalty today 🙂 .
May all your days be very merry and bright!
?: Ekins Concept and Xtreme24photography
Styled by: Ryan and Russel

30 thoughts on “June the 12th!

  1. Royalty, you deserve to be happy dear. You look so gorgeous in that dress,you are indeed an epitome of beauty. Api celebration.

  2. I’m sorry I came late. Just had to drop by all the same. Still wishing you the bestest(the english I learned from you) of God in all your endeavours sweet. My tipe tipe love. Much love always :*

  3. You deserve it princess. God bless ur new age. Guess I have a glimpse of how radiant you will look in your wedding gown.

  4. you are not a royalty on the 12th of June. but you are a royalty on everyday of the calendar
    that dress reminds me of Cinderellahope you are not looking for one of your shoes?

  5. toluuu…this is obviously late but its from my heart….this new year will be filled with loadz of thrilling, exciting and funfilled encounters!!!…enuf love!!!!

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