Look Book – Wrapped!

Hello and welcome to our Monthly Look-Book. … Ahem! Before I wander-off course and start gushing about how terrifically pimped pink obviously makes me look, let’s get down to this month’s Transitional Look-Book!
We might not often pay close attention to the delightful spark a scarf creates on an outfit. It’s like waving a magic wand and ka-blam ka-bloom the second-ago drab outfit is transformed!
So in today’s Look Book, we summoned the Transformers and rejuvenated my uninteresting outfit using this absolutely gorgeous scarf… You know, the aim here is to revamp a scarf and upgrade it from being just a scarf into an Accessory, an Essential, an item your outfit can not Do-Without.
And so without further ado, let’s get wrapped!!!
The Mantilla: Scarfed
The Mantilla is basically a head scarf elegantly arranged over a high combed hair and falling over a lady’s back and shoulders. It graciously originated from Spain but thank goodness fashion is not restricted to its origin. The literal elucidation of a mantilla is to veil, to cover, or to screen. So if you happen to be like me and you have a thing for being covered, you frequently have bad hair days, your religion promotes being veiled, a scarf-turned-mantilla is a sweet sweet tasteful escape!
The Bow: Scarfed
Bowed Scarf
A bow is an extremely beautiful and delicate piece of art and should be handled as such. A bowed scarf is more than just a bow, it’s more than skin-deep, it’s multidimensional; it breathes class, it exudes sophistication, it trickles elegance, it emits panache, it connotes completion! A bowed scarf? Oh, yes please, all day, everyday!!
The Toss! – Scarfed
The Tossed scarf presents you to the world as a free bird; it oozes charisma, grace, poise, charm, freedom. You know, a Tossed Scarfer is literally portrayed as being unassailable, insurmountable, unstoppable. Her ecstasy cannot be dampened, she dances through the wind and glides through life effortlessly.
Disclaimer: Do not let this picture serve as an inspiration to do a Straddle or Fosbury Flop. This jump was done from a very convenient and elevated flat surface. This elegant technique took several minutes of physical and mental practice to achieve it. The posed-jump was perfection and not every lady can handle such complicated execution.

? : Ekins Concept
? Top: St. Gloria’s
? Scarf: Thrift

22 thoughts on “Look Book – Wrapped!

  1. girl you open ma mind (like a watermelon ).
    Your amazing…… i mean youve got ma attention.

  2. Nice piece…loving this…
    Cant help laughing @ “not every lady can handle such complicated execution…”

  3. Toluleye!!! Honestly I am speechless. Thanks for this piece. Well thought, well written and properly communicated. Can’t imagine myself doing the fly anyway , may end up with a sprained ankle, thanks for the advice though . Hugs! Hugs!

  4. I won’t be shocked if women start trying to walk around with “The Toss!”. Scarfs be slapping people on the streets and all. I’m curious to know how they’d hold it up as they walk :p

  5. This wisdom is from on high. May that Lord keep it for us. Your presentations unfold the heart like a big African flower in summer, leaving it’s indelible mark. More grace, more divine inspiration and enduring blessing.

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