Ryan and Russell

Fashion House
I’m gushing with so much excitement right here guys! I hope I don’t ramble too much ??. Have you heard about this awesomely-trending-super-hot store in Central Area??? I mean the one with the 750 degree hotness! Piping Hot! Way hotter than what these pictures portray; Frank, Lekan and I are nowhere close to the actual temperature this clothing store emits.. Yes, that kind of Hot!
Fashion House
Oh well then… Please allow me the honours, would you?
Drum Roll! Cymbal Reverberations! Rataplans! Thunderclaps! Picks Mic ? Ladies, Gentlemen, Fathers, Mothers, Lovers, Clients, Well-wishers, Active Subscribers, Passers-by, Ghost Viewers; Today, I stand before you overwhelmed to introduce a growing sensation in the city of Abuja, the blooming existence of a reputably gigantic clothing store right beside Grand Square in the Central Business District of the Federal Capital Territory, of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! – I present to you….. Ryan and Russell!
Fashion House
Okay, without being so much of a Drama-Duchess, this is me bringing this completely terrific outlet to you. Ryan and Russell is a clothing store that offers the right mix of well-made, gently-priced, tactfully-designed clothesIn very simple terms I’d say Ryan and Russell is a Departure and Arrival Lounge for Trendsetters.
Fashion House
Street-wear clothing, including T-shirts, hoodies, shoes and accessories from a number of renowned brands are in tasteful supply. Ryan and Russell carries a variety of day dresses, glam costumery and style-igniting apparels; everything is incredibly pretty. Amazing wedding dresses, tuxedos and reception daintiness (in the most fashionable way imagined) are in exquisite collections. Your bank accounts will say ‘thank you’. Get glammed today.
Model 1 ??: Frank
Model 2 ??: Folabomi
Model 3 ??: Lekan
Styled by ??: Ryan and Russell
Photography ?: xtreme24photography &  Ekins Concept
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  1. Great choice of words. Awesomely awesome. Point noted. Hats the first clothes store I’ll be dropping by on my next trip to Abuja!

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