Our Gents.

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So that day at the supermarket, you were wondering why that woman asked you for the prices of milk, toothpaste and detergent while you were jeje-ly shopping. Even though you felt she was rude, the poor woman actually thought you were a sales-boy!
Oh let me guess, you got really offended and profusely embarrassed that day, right? You probably forced your fakest smile while stating forcefully that you were not an employee at the supermarket. Hahaha.. noo? So I’m guessing you fashied politeness serenren and glared at her in disgust, spitting the words “I do not work here!!”, before stumping away.
Regardless of whether you were Flushed, Embarrassed or Angered, did you for a minute think your dressing and stance had a role to play in the way you were addressed that day and on several other occasions?? If you ask me, I’ll totally say it did!
“The way you are dressed is the way you’ll be addressed.” This saying never goes out of style. See ehn, when you dress well, you exude class, you emit respect and you ooze confidence! People, even strangers, pick up on this.
Really though, there are a number of unexpected and exciting stuff that you experience when you start dressing well:
#1 Everyone says ‘hi’ to you, even an unknown person.
#2 People smile at you more, just because.
#3 Car owners stop for you to cross the road (no jokes)
#4 Strangers have enough trust to ask you for directions
#5 Friends unconsciously make you their style adviser
#6 You get the job (even though it was clearly not your best interview)
#7 People remember your name, it sticks like glue!
#8 Ladies check you out
#9 Monday becomes your favourite day of the week
#10 You have days where your outfit is effortlessly on fleek!
#11 Ah, you receive compliments regularly
#12 People, who once treated you invisibly, suddenly notice you
#13 Your spouse flaunts you proudly
#14 People laugh at your jokes (even when they’re really not so funny)
#15 Your bosses at work take you more seriously
#16 Waiters serve you first, oh yes!
#17 In meetings, people let you speak
#18 Ladies value your comments about their style
#19 You become happier, more confident.
#20 Got something to add? Leave a comment!
“Discovering your style and maintaining a classic one at that is really not easy, but it is most definitely worth it!” – ‘Folabomi 
Model  ??: Frank
Styled by ?: The FenShop
Photography ?: xtreme24photography &  Ekins Concept

15 thoughts on “Our Gents.

  1. YAS!!! ? ?…As always tolu always nails fav No. 14 (People laugh at your jokes (even when they’re really not so funny)… ? ?
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  2. Hahaha! Toluleye, this was good. So on point . The one that sent me on the wheels of laughter is no 3, car owners stopping for you to cross the road . Yeah this sure happens when you dress well . Good one sis. Keep it up.

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