In a powerful society adorned with ravishing beauty, bejeweled with dazzling arts, enriched with harmonious music, endowed with luscious delicacies, graced with a majestic heritage, endued with intellectual achievements, our unique sense of style is a growing wave captivating the attention of neighboring continents worldwide.African Print

African PrintAfrican Print

Fearless Fashion Trend: Prints
I solemnly state that the vast difference between the Western Fashion and the African Style lies in the Prints! Our uniqueness in fashion has always been about the prints; our prints, our embellishments and our adornments!
African Prints are the fabric of the moment, gaining momentum in the fashion world and soon taking over. African Prints go beyond fashion, showcasing the cultural heritage that binds us in the streaming wealth of love, hope, peace and unity.
African PrintAfrican Print
“The message of an African print is loud and clear: “We are noteworthy, elegant, beautiful and proud!”.
Shoes ??: Machi
Jacket ?: S’Myde Design
Skirt & Crop Top ?: St. Glorias
Photography ?: Ekins Concept

13 thoughts on “Afro-Prints

  1. Ahh where in Maryland did you take these picturesss? The quality is amazing and you look beautiful as usual!

    1. Awwhh.. Thanks babe! I’ve been trying to locate your site online.. never found it.. These pictures weren’t taken in Maryland though .. Send me the link to your site

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