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55 and Pregnant!

I am NigeriaI am Nigeria
I am 55 and pregnant
I am old, frail,
and scared.
I am 55 and heavy,
At a risk of an operative vaginal delivery;
In danger of needing an emergency Caesarean section;
At the verge of having a child with chromosome abnormalities;
Chances are that I just might experience a stillbirth.
I am 55 and expectant,
Its a miracle I’m even pregnant.
My body is as depleted as our phased-out ozone layer,
The height of my blood pressure competes with Burj Dubai,
Every diagnosis so far screams gestational diabetes,
yet, I chose to bear this child.
I am 55 and gravid,
Sympathizers sigh and show empathy,
Religious men lay me down on the altar, day and night,
Lovers weep and agonize, hoping it would ease my pain,
Jesters mimic my helpless state (Tweeps, they really think this is funny).
I am 55 and parturient,
The water is finally broken!
My contractions are stronger and closer together¬
I can barely speak..
Pain, anxiety, excitement all gush through my bloodstream:
The moment seems to be NOW – The birth of a new gem is at hand!
I am 55 and delivered!
I pulled through! I did!! And it was worth it!
My little one radiates beauty and strength,
Everything suddenly seems brighter,
Hope shines like the morning star¬
Peace glides in  its splendour,
Freedom rings louder than ever!
“Welcome to the world Nigeria, what took you so long?”
Model  ??: Frank
Photography ?: xtreme24photography

15 thoughts on “55 and Pregnant!

  1. This, sure is the imprint of a progeny. Thank God Nigeria truly put to bed baby Change, an insignia for a brighter tomorrow. Through the love of Christ the Saviour, all will be well. Thumbs up!

  2. Ok.. some pregnancy words/terms i am hearing for the first time??…in the end it was indeed a new dawn for this country @opetokun it was really DEEP!

    1. A New Dawn right?!!! “Freedom is coming like ’55 years ago’ ??! ” . Hahaha.. There are a gazillion terms we’ve never seen nor used.
      BTW, Brilliant work on the pictures Frank I’m proud of you ??.

  3. Hmmmmm! Speechless, the write up is thrilling and so real. @ Charles Oni, baby change has come to stay by God’s grace. Leye, let the flag soar higher and higher, God has got your back. The beautiful ones are finally being born!

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