So Long, Best.

We have sooo much to catch up on! This hotmail to heaven can’t even fill you in on the minutest details of all that’s been on. Its been a while Ade, and  I’m sorry if it seems like I don’t know how to react to your feelings anymore; its just, lately things have been a little awkward with not having you around as often.
I’m sure by now you have seen and hugged both our dads and you’re filling them in on the last few years over some baddass heavenly sandwiches and tea. Eat for two Love; and ensure you tell them that I’m healthy and happy and started a blog, okay? (You can call it an online-journal if they are confused ?).
Today ushers in a painful reminder. It’s been 365 of your absence already, 365 days of sighing, 365 days of missing you. I miss you, everyday and it pains me to admit that I think about you more now than I did when you were alive.
All we shared – our plans, our fights, our prayers, our loves, our losses, our pains, and our accomplishments. It hurts to think all I have now are memories; and with a year already in-between the last memory we made, I’m terrified to my veins that I will begin to forget.
But your laughter eternally rings in the depth of my soul, your big shiny mischievous eyes and your loving, blunt, spirited self fills the deepest parts of my subconscious.
So don’t you EVER (not even for the tinniest minute) feel forgotten, ’cause you’re imperishably carved in the bowels of our hearts. We love you sempiternally.
So Long,
“Its been a looong day without you my friend, and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.
I’ve come a lo00ng way from where we began, and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.” ??

27 thoughts on “So Long, Best.

  1. Lord, at the moment nothing seems to be able to help the loss we feel. 
    Our hearts are broken and our spirits mourns. 
    All we know is that Your grace is sufficient.
    This day, this hour
    Moment by moment
    We choose to lean on You, 
    For when we are at our weakest Your strength is strongest. 
    We pour out our griefs to You
    And praise You that on one glorious day 
    When all suffering is extinguished and love has conquered 
    We shall walk together again.
    Rest on Ade

  2. I always tend to wonder and my heart fills with questions…..
    Where is she?
    Where did her spirit go?
    Would she come back?
    May be it’s just an Hide and seek game…
    Your heart singing a loud song like…..
    “Where did you go… I miss you so… it’s like Forever Please…. Come Back Home…..


  3. I really do not know her, but staring at her picture tells it all. She is who you describe her to be. Please rest on..
    If only d torture of death can just be felt on d surface of our skin but No! Its deeper than I thought.

  4. Words alone wouldn’t describe us when you were, we had it all; the fun, the fights, the love…memories will always be memories and they continue to live on…rest on Adenrelemi.

  5. …and you keep asking yourself “who do loved ones have to go… Forever???” God rest her soul!!!

  6. A Reminder
    The death of a loved one comes as a shock even when we know there’s something called death.
    It hurts so much like as if one’s heart would tear apart,
    Then uncontrollable tears flows down our eyes from deep within the heart.
    Memories come rushing like never before
    That instant, it feels like the miracle of raising the dead should happen again
    You just don’t wanna believe what you’ve heard
    If tears could bring back the dead,
    Ade surely would have come back
    You were a wonderful person,
    Just too good to die
    By now you must have understood the reasons behind all that happened to you while still on earth
    You definitely are happy over there but I just can’t stop crying when I remember
    You must have heard of a man over there, Henry Fasonu
    Say me hello to him, tell him I miss him
    That’s my dad.
    With so many thoughts running through my mind, it dawned on me
    Death is a reminder
    A reminder that life is short
    A reminder that it’s just a step away from us
    Just like God, it is no respecter of persons
    Whether good or bad,
    Young or old
    But the most important thing is where your soul ends after this earth
    If I have to be good to have a good end, then I choose good
    Sleep on Ade
    Till we meet again

  7. I’m so thrilled and short of words!.. wow, one year gone just like that??.. what a funny world we live in. Trust I’ve not stolen ur bestie from you and I definitely won’t. Just like u always say”don’t steal my bestfriend ooo”
    Rest on Ade! We miss you dearly and you’ll forever be remembered.

  8. Our consolation lies in the fact that she lived a good life, a life that was full of joy and happiness that even rubbed off on the people around her, and she’s in an even better place. Rest on great one!

  9. It’s so sad how it’s already one year. I think about her regularly and I can’t imagine how you must feel. Ade will not be forgotten, we love and miss you and can’t wait to see you someday in heaven. Remain beautiful Tolu.

  10. Twas barely 3 days after my family friends death that I heard of Ade’s. this even awkward calling her Ade shez always been Snr Ade to me I swear I can never forget you. How u punish me to do the right things and ur Laughter was heavenly!! m sure heaven is glad to have such laughter back but we miss u on earth too!! I sure do hope our mails get to you.

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