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I know, I know, I’m sorrryy.. I sincerely apologize for going M.I.A on you these past weeks. My excuse? Eeerr.. Life.. (Sorta, kinda, Not really). But, yeah, I’ve been ‘very unemployed’ since I got done serving my country. Interestingly, this strangely “fortunate period” has given me ample time for an intense tête-à-tête with myself (ok, basically just deep reflections – nothing scary). And oh mahn, am I 50 feet further from where I was when we last met? 🙂
.. Please allow me to gush for a moment.. I’ve waited the whole of November to break this news – – – I started sewing! No, I’m not messing with you.. Really, I now make dresses 🙂 And I love every stitch and piece ?. I know, right?! I’m pretty psyched too.. Fashion-Designer ALERT!! ? lol. So you see, I really have taken some steps: Baby steps, Infant strides, Miss-in-Motion, Girl-in-Transition.
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So let’s get this straight; this isn’t about what I am, rather it’s what “I am becoming” – It could double as an “I Want” checklist, a “Goody-Bag” inventory or a “Sanity Recovery” directory.
Ehn ehn, this is not an automatic transfiguration or metamorphosis, it is a gradual but immensely intriguing process. Don’t let the progressive tense fool you though; the timeline of our “becomings” are vastly divergent. I am still becoming and that’s ok.. we all are.
I am becoming the woman I desire,
a growing daughter,
a rejuvenating friend,
petite, empowered, delighted,
tossed and turned by life,
with a smile that’s known sour,
but, beyond it, waxed stronger.
I see me becoming asteroids and day-breaks,
stuffed with sunshine and ecstasy,
A girl-in-transition,
who remembers she’s an exquisite piece,
but realizes she’s not limited edition-
who recognizes that she’s in abundance,
in abundance to be parceled-out.
I think I like who I’m becoming!”


May we truly find our passion, may we not lose sight in translation, may we ‘become’ a Masterpiece 🙂 ?.
3rd dec188 copy (2)
Shoes ?: Utopia
Dress ?: ‘Folabomi
?: Ifeoluwa Korede Photography

44 thoughts on “Girl-in-Transition

  1. I love this piece…
    Basically, I have been (am) in the same transition and i have decided to start out of everything I want to be, am not there yet but I will and am loving the ‘becoming’
    It’s as valid is the ‘am’ so it defines it…

    1. This is Music to my ears.. Okay no, Musical notes to my eyes! :* This makes my heart sing! Best wishes darling. Savor every minute of your “becoming”!

  2. Wow, that was great.
    Buh I pretty much don’t believe in Fashion (Lifestyle), just Loving my real me, and That’s not bad. Buh for u “T”. Keep on the good works, You’re great and Awesome. We’ll all find that piece we’ve so much desire to Achieving… Life sucks Sometimes, u just don’t have to stay down; u gotta rise not to Fall no more… ?
    And by the Way what’s the meaning of “tete-a-tete”

    1. Absolutely! Be true to yourself, that’s incredibly essential. Thanks for your kind words.
      tête-à-tête is a heart-to-heart talk between two people.

    1. 1. Hiding under the dress (they seem pretty shy).
      2. Yeah, IKP was absolutely amazing! I had my reservations about the Location, but he told me to trust him, and … Voila!
      3. Thank you 🙂

  3. Like someone I know said “be everything you want to be, it’s never too much” .This is a wonderful piece, I love it’s simplicity. keep it up dear ,God bless you.

  4. Like someone I know says “be everything you want to be, it’s never too much” This is a wonderful piece, I love it’s simplicity, it’s what I can relate with. God bless you dear.

  5. Here’s to a different level of reasoning. Nigeria doesn’t have the structure that gives chances, the orientation comes from within. I hope folks will understand the true essence and theme of this write-up.
    Kudos baby.

  6. Here’s to your intellectual gift my lady….. I hope our generation gets the actual theme of this writeup cos the Nigerian system has no structure that caters for the future. The traditional parental admonitions “Go to school, get good grades and certificate” is viable in this age. you’ve got to be innovative and be above board, there’s no shame is skills acquisition.
    Thanks for this baby

  7. Am becoming the woman I desire
    A growing daughter…………………
    …….. I think I like who I’m becoming.
    ‘am’ the girl-in-transition.

  8. It is so good to see young women engage in things to empower themselves. It reminds me of the Linda Ikeji’s “I Am Self Made” Program. Miuccia Prada and Donatella Versace couldn’t have designed a better gown…???

  9. I am so happy to be a part and witness of this ‘becoming’ process, the masterpiece is going to be great. I long to be a part and witness to that too. Good work ‘Folabomi.

  10. Beautiful piece I must admit. My baby’s writing skill is on Kanye level to be honest, your editor is doing a good job. If you have one. The utopia shoe we cannot even see because flowing gown 🙁
    Those pictures are deceptive too. I thought you’ve grown taller till I saw ‘petite’ in that beautiful poem :d that was when I believed somethings won’t change rather easily :p
    This is splendid :*:*:*

  11. Wow. I honestly enjoyed the piece. It’s Beautiful. We will all grow and all our hardwork will never be in vain. Maybe I should learn to tailor too… Hmm and yes do visit my blog.

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