Chapter 52, Page 365.

You know you’ve read a really good book when you turn the last page and suddenly feel that massive split between heart-wrenching loss and genuine ecstasy.

Polka DotPolka Dot
Polka Dot
It’s a polka dotty kind of day and it’s equally a charming day for a walk-in-the-park! Today is most remarkable for me beyond just polka dots and parks.
Today we flip open the last page of a really good book. A book that had all the breathe-taking elements and attributes of a Bestseller. Strong roles, broken characters… Fresh and absorbing plots, highly unpredictable, great mechanics, overwritings, underwritings, inconsistencies, balance, action, cohesion, romance all beautifully intertwined and inscribed in a 365 paged book.
This book meant so much to everyone of us. It portrayed an intense significance. The story seeped through our skin and it slowly grabbed us by the soul without our knowledge. It threw us off balance and almost immediately stabilized us. It broke us, bent us and left us in a pool of our own tears, oh but this book did not hesitate in snapping us back, mending us, healing us and plummeting us into rib-hurting love and laughter.
You have to admit this was such an exceptional work of art! A top-notch publication! A first-rate blockbuster! The characters did not just feel real; they were REAL! ‘Cause with you and I being major characters, it was strictly NO FICTION.
Did this book have a completely happy ending? Probably not..
But who cares… a happy ending isn’t half as important as a satisfying ending. Bask in the beauty of how far you’ve come. You were torn, rent, disappointed, subdued but see you evolved and made your way through the maze heads held high. Oh you should be proud of yourself!
But unlike other books, you can’t rip out the last page of this book, cause it has to end. It’s okay to be afraid, it’s okay to be overwhelmed with uncertainty… It is NOT okay to get paralyzed with fear. C’mon, you have to admit that the grass looks greener on the other side. There’s too much adventure waiting for you.
And so together we shall turn this page and shut this book with hope, gratitude, excitement, and wonder.
Because after the last page, it’s a new book, it’s a new chapter..
                                           It’s page 1!          It’s 2016!
Polka Dot
Skirt ?RT
Blazer ?: Cherry Koko
Shoes ??: F&F
Photography ?: Ekins Concept @iamekins

11 thoughts on “Chapter 52, Page 365.

    1. I close my eyes and take a deep breadth thanking God for the breadth taking elements and the right mix of characters in this book.
      I open my eyes in faith hoping to read something better than a best seller. Although the pages are still blank, not written upon and yet to be read; It shall be a mix of true worship, efficient service and pure love.

  1. It’s been an awesome year. A year I finally discovered myself. A lot I can say about 2015 but AWESOME seems just right. An AMAZING 2016 around the corner.

  2. 2015 was a coomplicated but fulfiling year for me and im glad its ended bcos truly a new page has been opened i.e: 2016 and it s gonna be good by Gods’s grace. Happy New Year to you “My Muse”. Ty for being a bright light to me in 2015. I love you and wish you a spontaneous and blessed 2016.

  3. The photography is AMAZINGGGG Fola… you look beautiful as usual!! Idk how I forgot you even blog (face palm) but now I’ll resume stalking!

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