cHeck(mate) – Wrap Skirt and Blazer – Draped
cHeck(mate) – Wrap Skirt and Blazer – Draped


/Check/ as in ‘pattern of squares’ (14th c.)

/cHeck(mate)/ as in ‘unparalleled take-over’ (20th c.) (Folabomi 2016)

I find this term really intriguing because in my head it is a spectacular mix of Old French, Persian, German, Spanish, Latin, Dutch, Pidgin and Arabic. Yes? Yes?? You agree, yes?! Me too!!

cHeck(mate) has become such a universal term, even the Eskimos thought to adopt it when they finally discovered heat… 😂😂

… The brilliant game of Chess developed very implicit applications of the word, ‘attack!’, ‘arrest!’, ‘stop!’. Shāh māt, in english cHeckmate, meaning ‘the king is left helpless’.

… 11th June, 2016

cHeck this out, mate! Note this day in history, ’cause today, on our Chessboard, here at Folabomi, cHeck(mate) proudly ushers in the unveiling of your finest clothing brand – DrapedinWealth.

The English dictionary just got updated..

cHeck(mate) /ˈtʃɛkmeɪt/  :: Dancing with Kings, swirling with Queens and subduing monarchs.

noun: Queen, Boss-stress, 

verb:tension’, ‘slay’

adjective: ‘supreme’, ‘ih epp’

cHeck this out, mate! … This piece is introduced specifically for you

Get draped in authority. Get draped like the Boss-stress you are.

Yes, we are open! Order now.



cHeck(mate) – Wrap Skirt and Blazer – Draped

Wrap Skirt 👗: Folabomi

Blazer 👕Folabomi

Shoes 👠👠: Shoe Republic LA

Photography 📷: Joel Adu


9 Comments Add yours

  1. I absolutely love this. 🔥🔥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Folabomi says:

      Yasss!! Thanks darling!


  2. D.Fam says:

    Am seriously wowed. Go girl and preach the gospel of modesty. Weldone love

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Folabomi says:

      Thank you Debby! I’m gllad you liked it.


  3. Mabel says:

    Congratulations girlie! I’m absolutely proud of you. 😊
    God Keep You 😇


  4. Anonymous says:

    Me like. My size?


    1. Folabomi says:

      All sizes are available.. you can place your order via the ‘Fix an appointment’ route or send a mail to

      Thank you.


  5. Agbolagorite Temitope says:

    Awesome! Brilliant! Magical! Fabulous! Fantastic! Beautiful! Adorable!….i have exhausted words. I am so so getting for all my beautiful women.😍😍😍


    1. Folabomi says:

      Hahaaa Gbola~😍 😍 ! Thanks a million.. 😁 😁 😁 and ah we enthusiastically await your orders!!!!!


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