Struck GOLD

Waltzed into the office as usual or so I thought,
Strolling majestically to my desk greeting everyone cheerfully as was my routine,
Even made an effort to call everyone by name and not my usual “Dear, Sweetheart” getaway.
Entered my side desk office whose only form of privacy was a 5 by 4” demarcation on the table top
(yeah, entry level something.)
All in all, today was going to be a great day, wait did I just say that,
Not that I am a pessimist or sadist, but there was definitely something about today that made me feel like I struck gold.
The look on my co- workers face said it all.
Maybe I just hit jackpot, but I was not due for a promotion yet,
Or was there an early appraisal only I was aware of?
I didn’t even feel timid when I passed THE BOSS’s office.
Ok, Hol’ up!
Something was definitely different today.
This new confidence that embraced me is one of a kind.
If I recall, it all began this new week,
This Monday morning,
Ok, what have I been up to recently?
Errrrhm, the Angel ride to work?
The beautiful breeze?
My Monday LV bag?
The Dress?
That was it, had to be,
No offense, but every other thing had to be a function of the dress.
The sensation it sent up and around my nerve was new, hence the confidence surge, the relaxed feeling, the promotion feeling, the superhuman feeling
Aha! My Beautiful Dress, My New BFF! Thank you.

Photography ?Picture Perfect

Muse: Toluleye

MUA: Asafrik Beauty

Designed & Styled by: Folabomi

Blazer ?Folabomi |Draped-in-Wealth|

Skirt: Folabomi |Draped-in-Wealth|


9 thoughts on “Struck GOLD

  1. Only God knows if you’ll ever. Outgrow that your baby face. And I used one of those pictures as my dp, not even a “thank you” 😐
    I saw some little bit of hips there too. ????

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