What your Clothes say about you

Did you guys hear our currency is terrifically devalued now? The recession is biting hard, and prices are skyrocketing right before our eyes.
Now one thing is naturally expected- 1. a slump in consumer spending on .. eerrr.. clothes. But haha jokes.. the reverse happens to be the case. Our purchasing power hasn’t much altered and we still hear cries of I don’t have what to wear!’ while staring at a wardrobe full of clothes.
A wardrobe crisis may seem somewhat shallow on a day packed with important decisions to make… but ehn.. I beg to differ .. because believe it or not, the clothes we choose to wear shape the day and week ahead, it determines who we meet, the first impression others have of us and surely how they react to us.
So today’s post happened …
A survey was conducted on how impressions are automatically created upon meeting someone for the first time based on his/her clothing alone.
9 participants rated our Muse, Anita, on 3-dimensions: confidence + status + interest.
The very chilled respondents were asked what first impression they would have of our She-Stimulus and where they could possibly bump into her.
I must mention that our respondents are cool kids and as such gave their unadulterated responses before darting right back into their equally cool niches.
and these were their responses:
“Classy, fun, flirrrty and cute with playful looks darting around! She’s the kind of girl you would see in a park or an art gallery”Lola ( CEO, Unravelling Nigeria)
“Chill.. if I meet her, the first thing I will see is her simplicity. I would possibly meet her at a Board Meeting. Low key who’s she? Oya, her contact.” – Ayo of Xtreme Media
“The bold colours of her outfit and the combination make her look sophisticated and daring, like she would know what she’s doing. I would probably meet her at a semi-formal dinner or banquet.”Olo (Blogger, Olothecomplainer)
“The colours of her skirt, how radiant and beautiful! Her smile!  I’ll most likely meet her at a female or leadership conference”Chiamaka (Person Upstairs, Social Prefect)
“The intricate combination of colours make her elegant. She looks like a lady who knows exactly what she wants (especially when you take her outfit into consideration).. Exudes an air of confidence.. She looks like the owner of a beauty and accessories store at the mall, but then again she looks like an actress on the set of a movie.. You don’t rock these type of colours if you don’t want to be seen, so she definitely enjoys a sizeable amount of attention”Frank (Dean,
“She’s classy! I’ld meet her at a party. Or on a red carpet.”Adeola of OGÉ Makeup Artistry
“A classic liberal urbane Sunday vibe. #ChurchCloth #ChurchFlow #SundayVibe #LagosLiving #FeelieMaisefe . oK. So what’s her instagram handle? She might just be single. Uno! Send her phone number nah!”Seyi (Director, Enroute Nigeria)
“Colours that radiate happiness. Spot her smile.”Ife of Ipheellusion Photography )
“An outfit that gives leeway for an assortment of personalities. The slaying fierce look, perfect for attracting envious glances. Or the bashful modest look that leaves admirers yearning for a deeper connection.”Tuliwa (Blogger, JaK3ob)
Every costume tells a story, often a very subtle one, about its wearer.
Every day we pull something from the wardrobe, or try on something new, that has life-changing potentials: cognitive, social and emotional consequences.

Mind what you wear.

Wear ‘comfortable’.

Get Draped.

Please Slay.

Be Happy.


Muse: Anita

Designed & Styled by: Folabomi

Skirt: Folabomi |Draped-in-Wealth|

MUA: Asafrik Beauty

Photography: Picture Perfect

23 thoughts on “What your Clothes say about you

  1. yes what we wear tells a lot, oftentimes i just wonder why pple still don’t get it. My mum got promoted recently @ her place of work majorly bcos of how she dresses, dat alone has taught me to be a power-dresser no matter what.

    1. Aaawwwh Jolaade!!! That’s amazing! … you can absolutely relate to this. Dressing well is like a catalyst .. it speeds up positive vibes. A promotion.. See??? !!

  2. Previously, I felt that dressing nice should be for only important functions and meetings. But you never know just when you would need that confidence that you exude just because you are smartly dressed. Good one Toluleye

  3. Tolu, this a good piece, and a good one for starters, mind you!, there’s a huge difference in dressing well and dressing right. A rightly dressed person complements better the impression on content than a well dressed person. This brings me to my arguable conclusion that how you dress can only complement an impression, but your content makes the impression.

    1. Oh sure! I get your point about the difference that lies between dressing well and dressing right. One could be well dressed but not rightly dressed for a particular ‘appearance’. However from the ‘content’ angle, I will say how you dress creates the impression that makes up the ‘content’. Not the other way round.

  4. Dressing well and feeling comfortable in it gives one a kind of confidence, that freedom.. I don’t know if u understand what I mean… that feeling… *looking for the right words…….. can’t find it!!*

    1. Lmao. ?? I get you.. My dear .. the keyword here gan-gan is Confidence. ? Like you can enter anywhere, relate with anyone, you become so sure of yourself .. it just boosts your self-esteem . ??

  5. I hope after reading this, many people will understand why some of us stand and stare at a wardrobe full of cloth and never find something to wear. Sometimes we just need something that connects with our mood at that moment or something that suits what we plan to exude that day. Thumbs up Folabomi… Keep doing great.

    1. When you smile with admiration at how apt your readers are (◕‿◕) (ʘ‿ʘ) 。◕‿‿◕。.. I couldn’t have put it any better! Hadrah.. Thanks babe!

  6. Well, I agree with everyone… The only thing or word that comes to my mind when it comes to dressing is ‘Dress the way you want to be addressed’. Thumbs up baby girl @Toluleye

  7. Well done Tolu?? I enjoyed this article. It reminds me of the saying; ‘Dress how you want to be addressed’. In essence it means to me what your clothes say to you, how your clothes make you feel. That way, you do not want people to have wrong impressions about you so if you let your clothes speak to you, then your clothes will say ‘good’ things about you to people.

    1. I know, right?!! ✌ Your clothes speak volumes about you. ..Sometimes the way you look says more than the words you say.. Thank you for popping-in. ☻ 。◕‿◕。

  8. The saying the way you dress is the way you are addressed really goes a long way. I never used to bother about what I wear but make sure I combine the right colors. Guess I have to look into that.
    Great Job Tolu!

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