On a Scale of 0 – 56, How Lit are you?

My four-year-old nephew gets really scared in darkness. What exactly he is afraid of when it’s dark I’m not sure, but I do know his fear is very real judging from how he screams and scampers to illumination.
This reminds me of how last year, 55 and Pregnant seemed like Nigeria had just hit the light bulb moment. We were this close to sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.
But, you see, it’s been a 300,65 twenty-four-hour period, and all the rays of light seems to be slipping away.
We’re beginning to worry… and much in our defense, watching our dismal government stagger drunkenly from one bad decision to another is not entirely an amusing sight.
Blame it on Newton’s third law if you wish but every action of our authority’s begets an equal and opposite reaction from citizens.
Name it! Anxiety. Depression. Worries about the future – the future of our children, and of our country. Anger. Sometimes even nausea.
And just like hundreds and millions of children, we sometimes get scared when the lights go low..
We’re un-relaxed and agitated. We do not even have the energy to be a part of the ‘change’ movement. We are fading. Our glow is Lost. Dim Lights. -out*.
But No, My country has not lost its way. At least not everyone has. A few people still do right by the law, working for the environment, education, & justice for the poor.
I think I have lost my way. Hard truth. I’m not as optimistic as I once was. I could earn a degree from how good I find faults with the system. I’m all up in the business of how badly the country is being run, but I don’t have a path of my own.
I have lost my country’s way. All it takes for evil to win is for good people to stand and do nothing… and ahh… I do this brilliantly – nothing. So I guess that I’m the one who has lost our way not only for me but for us.
So this one here goes out to all we-we who are unconsciously sinking into oblivion – please have a new resolve. Your influence is stronger than you honestly think. You can make a difference, uno. A single flame can light up a thousand candles, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
Happy Independence Day Co-citizen! I can’t wait to see the bonfire you and I will make out of our lights this coming year.
Model: Frank
Photography: xtreme24photography

21 thoughts on “On a Scale of 0 – 56, How Lit are you?

  1. On a scale of 0-56 how lit am I?
    My answer would be based on this beautiful piece.I am 56 lit.
    Nigeria is ours,it will be greatet than we imagined. God bless Folabomi,God bless us and God bless.Nigeria.
    Happy independence.

  2. On a scale of 0-56, I’d say I’m 50 lit, don’t want to give myself a perfect 56 lol. I don’t know why but i love Nigeria so much nd i havent seen sumone dat z as optimistic about dis country as much as i am. Nigeria z on it’s way to being a great nation, i know it. Not a smooth journey but what journey z eva smooth? We’d get der, it will just take tym nd i just love Nigerians too cos we don’t let d country’s situation kill our spirits. I don’t know why we haven’t bin named happiest pple yet lyk Nigerians are happy pple no mata what. Great post btw nd d pictures are really lovely.

    1. Hahaa.. you’re 50 lit & this vibed?! ? ? If you’re now 56 nko?? Gash Nigeria needs more Positives like you oo ? .. and yes, I’m with you 100%. We are surprisingly happy people, no matter what..
      Yeah, it’s not easy to spot the silver linings, but having a positive attitude can help us push through rough patches.

  3. This is a beautiful piece! I enjoyed every bit of it and I am totally one of those people who need to be more optimistic about my Nigeria!

    1. Yes o.. Optimism’s been what has kept us going, if not we’d be probably long forgotten.. ‘My Nigeria’ uuhhh… soft-spot spotted! ? Me likeyyy! ? . Thanks for swinging by darling..

  4. Inspiring piece… Change begins with me.
    Yep…all it takes for evils to triumph is for good people to fold hands/look away and do nothing.
    Thanks for the piece

  5. The beauty of all these is that it is wouldn’t last forever. Nigeria will be GREAT again! ibelieve….apt write up btw??

  6. The beauty of all these is that it wouldn’t last forever! Nigeria will be GREAT? ibelieve ??..apt write up btw ??

  7. On a scale of 0-56, I am 48 lit, I believe somehow, someday, our country Nigeria, would become one we all would be proud of, like the change mantra of GMB “change begins with me”. Love write up

  8. Hmmm….very apt and catchy. Nigeria will yet rise again. I believe in my country. Can’t wait for the ‘good’ol days’ our parents and grandparents talk about to become a faint memory in the light of the ‘better days’ we will be living in. And yes….it’s in the hands of we the citizens to make it happen. On the scale….I am 35 lit

    1. ♡ ♥ ❤ .. 35 lit – Yaaassss!! ☺☻ ‘Cause our faces are turned towards the sun, shadows are bound to fall right behind us . (◕‿◕)

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